Mud Trucks & Beer

In 2010, we were tasked with redesigning the Truck Night at Yankee Lake website and given the controls of their social media and advertising campaigns. To take it up a notch, we decided to produce, shoot and edit a feature length documentary about the event and the people that participate. Mud Trucks & Beer was the result of a year long project to completely overhaul the on and offline presence of Truck Night.

We shot video and created highlights of each weekly event throughout the summer. Then we went into the garages of the participants, watched them work on their trucks and got their perspective on the mudding lifestyle. We sold thousands of copies and the fans and Truck Night management loved the results. It is definitely a unique look into an American subculture. It even attracted the attention of several production companies that were in talks with Truck Night to produce a reality TV show.

If you're interested, the DVD is still for sale on the Mud Trucks & Beer website.