Wholesale Graphix

Wholesale Graphix is a wide-format and direct-to-substrate digital print service out of the Youngstown, OH area. They came to us in the late summer of 2015 to do a speedy website redesign to better serve their wholesale customers. We based this responsive design on the Shopify platform, which allowed us to create a beautiful design and develop a complex online shopping cart.

The biggest challenge was modifying Shopify's liquid code in combination with third party Bold apps to create a simple and clear pathway to purchasing custom-size prints. We even developed a post-checkout artwork upload section that allowed customers to attach their art to their order. This had the effect of streamlining the production workflow for Wholesale Graphix's team.

We created product photography of their material samples and developed product descriptions to help their customers find the products they needed. We also set them up with a MailChimp newsletter so they could offer discounts and specials to their customers, which had the effect of increasing monthly purchase orders.